Success Stories

For every individual, success means something different. Whether its more financial freedom, healthier and more passionate relationships, or a greater sense of physically and spiritually well-being, there is one consistent value that underpins them all Growth




I learned leading with the importance of people at the forefront, building culture, recognition, motivating, aligning goals with action (personal and professional), empowering to make decisions and to be outcome focussed in anything you do, to always have a why. Also to constantly reflect on how we can do things better and having a solutions mindset, to GSD 🙂 It excelled me into the professional that I am today and into the success I have achieved. A lot of experiences would not have come my way if Robbie didn’t pave the paths and empower me to do what he knew I could.


I definitely learned so much from Robbie. He has such a calm presence under major pressure and develops such a good team culture where I felt comfortable going to him for support with a deal and advice how best to approach it strategically which gave me the confidence to be decisive. His creativeness and ability to think outside the old corporate way and evolve our team was very exciting for us all to embrace and get behind to drive results, while building each other up as a sales team.


One thing Robbie instilled in us is the “get shit done” (GSD) mentality. Don’t make excuses, find solutions! He encourages a positive culture where people are able to be creative, make mistakes and learn from them. This is a culture where professionalism happens naturally because people are motivated to collaborate, work hard, enjoy the process and see the results. Lastly, he taught me to find my own ‘why’ and allowed me to identify the thing that really motivates me personally to get up and work hard.


The thought provoking questions Robbie asks that encouraged me to really reflect on the kind of salesperson and leader I want to be. How do I want to be perceived? What keywords would I use to describe the leader I am and want to be? I now ask similar questions to my team during their coaching calls. The impact is continuous self reflection/improvement and identifying gaps. I was always a hard worker and knew how to GSD though I learned that deep appreciation can be formed when a leader recognises that.


Robbie made a big impact on my life, and a lot of other people I know, so I’m always happy to discuss how I’ve observed him creating value – recommending books, meditation, yoga, exercise, mindfulness, mental health, goal setting, motivation and ao much more. There’s so much I could discuss 🙂


Robbie helped me to manage higher executives, to be concise in getting things done and manage expectations. He is patient and supportive to guide the necessary actions for professionalism, formulating a plan, upping your game, communication skills, managing prices and stakeholders. Asking the right questions to help the person get to the outcome. Challenging and getting the result out of the person he is dealing with. I always see him as that person who sets goals, challenges it, refines it and leads his thought process to be ready for the next move. I always remember him saying… “Be so good your customer wants to hire you into their business.” Robbie’s mentoring – as a direct report, as a peer, and even beyond as a friend. Robbie reads people well to know what they can handle and what empowers them to take action. He sets the tone for the culture beyond direct leadership to push people to be their best.


Happy Skin Co: Robbie taught me time management, organisation and prioritisation. Especially for where I was at point in time. Those areas were my natural weaker areas so they have been the big focus of my self development.